Our machines are one of our most popular games.
Here we explain all the different types of machines and our special prizes.

Interconnected Machines

Machines that are connected to each other through a properly authorized system allow prize pools to accumulate that surpass the amount offered by a single slot machine and therefore award special prizes.

Casino Mediterráneo Alicante currently has several models of interconnected machines. On the one hand, they offer the electronic bingo machines that have the so-called “Rainbow Prize” and the “Super Rainbow Prize”, in addition to their own progressive jackpot with various levels depending on the value of the bet. And on the other hand, they have several slot machines that offer progressive jackpots, such as: Pick & Game 2 (these are multi-game machines, among which is the popular game called KENO), the Jackpot Party and Egyptian Gold.

Casino Mediterráneo Benidorm has several models of interconnected machines. Some examples include the electronic bingo machines that offer the so-called “jackpots”, “sweepstakes”, “Rainbow Award” and the “Super Rainbow Award”. They also offer internationally renowned games like Pick & Game 2 (these are multi-game machines, including the popular game called KENO), as well as the latest trends in the market such as Egyptian Gold and Premier P/24 by EGT.

Casino Mediterráneo Orihuela-Costa also has interconnected machines such as the Thai Gold models and slot machines, whose theme is based on the famous board game “The Game of Life”. Their system consists of several exciting levels that act as a bonus game, where the main attraction is that the user has the opportunity to try for the progressive jackpot on any bet. Even when starting with the minimum bet of only 60 cents.


Types of Machines

We have a wide variety of gambling machines to make your experience as fun as possible. Here we will explain each one in detail.

Special Prize: Jackpot

A jackpot is a special prize offered on some slot machines. There are two types of jackpots: fixed and progressive. Additionally, progressive jackpots can come from an individual machine or from interconnected machines.

At all times there is a bright panel, called a carrousel, that shows the accumulated amount of money you’ll receive if you win this prize. If you are awarded this prize, a bright notification will light up, letting you know you’ve won.

In our room, you will find both fixed and progressive jackpots. For the progressive jackpot on the individual machines, you will win this prize through the “Bonus” or additional interactive games. The objective is to win four levels and get the maximum prize that will always start at €2,000 or €5,000 depending on the machine, plus the machine’s accumulated jackpot.

The progressive jackpots for the interconnected machines are usually obtained by winning the machine’s highest payoff, which for example is the case in Pick a Game 2. For the game of Keno, you have to wager the maximum number of credits per play in order to be eligible to win this prize, which will always start at €10,000, and will progressively increase as people continue playing.


New Mystery Prizes

We give away €450.000 in prizes

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General Information – Slot Machine Room

All of our machines accept legal tender banknotes (€5, €10, €20, €50, €100).

When you enter a banknote or ticket, it will accumulate in credits for the value that has been input. Additionally, the machines allow you to accumulate small prizes instead of cashing out directly, thus enabling you to continue playing.

At any time, you may withdraw from the game and to do so, press the “Collect” button.

All machines are inspected periodically and have the respective permits and legal authorizations that are required of them.
Gambling is an exciting leisure activity that will allow you to develop your imagination and even establish social relationships. However, there are a number of factors that we think are important to keep in mind before participating in any gambling activities, which will help you to enjoy your evening even more.
– Properly manage your budget when gambling.
– Do not spend more than you can afford.
– Know the characteristics of each machine as well as the payouts and odds they offer.