Rules and Recommendations


At the casino’s reception desk, you will be checked-in, where you will have to present your valid ID card or passport. In order to enter the Casino, you must be of legal age, minors are strictly forbidden to enter. The nature of the casino’s business demands certain standards of dress, with gentlemen being prohibited from entering with sportswear, flip-flops, above-the-knee shorts or tank tops. Ladies will not be allowed access in sportswear or swimwear.

Croupiers (Dealers)

At each table, you will find one or more dealers who participate in the course of the game. They will withdraw the losing bets and pay the winners according to the rules of each game. The dealers are in charge of supervising that the game is conducted correctly and that you are properly looked after. As is the custom in the sector, after winning a prize and if the service has been to your liking, the croupiers are authorized to accept tips from customers.

Cash Desk

At the casino’s cash desk, you can acquire chips to participate in our selection of games and then exchange them after you have tried your luck at our casino. The means of payment accepted are those that are deemed adequate according to current regulations.


At Casino Mediterráneo, in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly with full transparency and security, we have a security department with highly qualified personnel, with the latest and most modern technology around.

Gambling Risks

Gambling is an exciting leisure activity full of emotions that allows us to develop our imagination and establish social relationships. We suggest that you don’t put a damper on what could be an excellent evening; do not gamble with sums of money that are beyond your means.