Painting exhibition “Némesis” by Lorena Albors.

Art al Casino is pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Némesis” which will take place on July 24th at 20:00 in the facilities of Casino Mediterráneo Alicante.

This exhibition will remain open to the public until 09 September 2019.

Lorena Albors


Lorena Albors is an artist from Alicante with a degree in Fine Arts from the Miguel Hernández University. Lorena defines her style as personal, automaton, as well as surrealist or abstract. She adds that when faced with a canvas “it is a window to the imagination”. Her goal is to create a bond in which people can feel or feel identified through shapes and colors because although it sounds strange, the force of art connects people.

His creations are sometimes fast and chaotic but visually appealing to the viewer. Although it may seem that there is no order at all, nothing is further from reality; his paintings have a balance of color and shapes because even within the chaos, there must be a certain visual order that serves as a support for the work to be pleasant and understanding. This is vital for it to be enjoyed and to empathize with the viewer.


24 Jul 2019 - 09 Sep 2019


8:00 pm



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