Eco Freezeout – Poker Tournament – November 7

Texas Hold’ em No Limit Eco Freezeout Poker Tournament – Modality: Casino Mediterráneo Poker League

PURCHASE (BUY-IN): €30 – 10,000 POINTS

The tournament will start at 19:30h. on Wednesday 7 November at Casino Benidorm, with unlimited optional re-entry during open registration.

They are destined:
* 5% for the “Casino Mediterráneo Máster Benidorm monthly tournament” and for the Casino Mediterráneo 2018 Poker League.
* 90% of all purchases and re-entries go to prizes.

WINNERS: Joaquín Marcos Puertas and Ana María Bancescu.
CHRONICLE: Tournament with 45 players who made a total of 79 entries, leaving a total jackpot of € 2,026 to distribute among the top 9 as there was no pact for the bubble. When arriving at the final table, the players were eliminated quickly until Joaquín Marcos and Ana María Bancescu were left, who decided to agree on equal parts, taking €537 each.

1Ana María Bancescu€ 53732
2Joaquín Marcos Puertas€ 53732
3José Grau Ferriz€ 27422
4José Castaño Valverde€ 18219
5Ionut Cristian Ristea€ 14217
6Fermín Rodríguez€ 11116
7José Molero Gil€ 9115
8Arturo Cabañas Largo€ 8114
9Luís Francisco Pérez Molina€ 7113
10Yago Valiente Catalán12
11 to 795

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07 Nov 2018


7:30 pm



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