Eco Freezeout – Póker – November 14

Eco Freezeout Texas Hold’em No Limit Poker Tournament – Modality: Casino Mediterráneo Poker League

PURCHASE (BUY-IN): €30 – 10,000 POINTS

The tournament will start at 19:30h. on Wednesday, November 14 at Casino Orihuela, with unlimited optional re-entry during open registration.

They are destined:
* 5% for the “Casino Mediterráneo Master Orihuela monthly tournament” and for the Casino Mediterráneo 2018 Poker League.
* 90% of all purchases and re-entries go to prizes.

WINNERS: Cristian Gámez Giménez and Francisco Soler López.
CHRONICLE: Tournament with 60 players who made a total of 89 entries, leaving a total jackpot of €2,283 to distribute among the top 9. The Winners distributed equally, obtaining two prizes of €605 each and 32 points for the Master 6 league.

1Francisco Soler López€ 60532
2Cristian Gámez Giménez€ 60532
3Miguel Ángel Mas Portugués€ 30822
4José Francisco Vera Samper€ 20519
5Peter Fischer€ 16017
6Richard Edwin Drake€ 12616
7Mikolaj Piotrowicz€ 10315
8Maria Clara Da Cunha€ 9114
9Baltasar Scola Yurrita€ 8013
10José Miguel Castro Mayor12
11 to 895

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14 Nov 2018


7:30 pm



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